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Seamless Gutters vs. Sectional Gutters

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

The choice between seamless gutters or sectional gutters is not difficult. The difference between the two can have major impacts on your gutters longevity, effectiveness, and your home's curb appeal. At GUTT R DONE we strictly install seamless gutters! Seamless gutters will dress up your home and last longer than sectional gutters.

For a very long time gutters were sold in sectional pieces. Usually 10-12 ft. and were connected or overlapped at each seam. Each individual seam must be sealed with outdoor silicon. Although very ineffective, this system allowed for sectional gutters to be mass produced. While the new wave of seamless gutters has taken over, you can occasionally find pieces of sectional gutters sold in home improvement stores.

There are many benefits that make seamless gutters the obvious choice!

Fit to perfection

Seamless gutters are fabricated on site & custom fashioned to each individual home. Guaranteeing a perfect fit! Because seamless gutters are custom fit to your home they can function without any issues. Custom fabricating allows for an even slope on the gutters so that water is evenly distributed & directed where you want the water to drain.

Less Maintenance

Because seamless gutters have fewer joints than sectional gutters they don’t accumulate the same amount of debris. Seamless gutters also attract fewer critters looking for a home. This leads to zero to no time spent maintaining & cleaning your gutters. Additionally, adding gutter guards can reduce your time spent cleaning your gutters even more.

Fewer Problems

Joints and seams of sectional gutters makes them prone to leaks, clogs, & backups. All types of debris can collect in sectional gutters & create problems. If too much debris gets piled up in your gutters the gutters will overflow and can cause serious damage to your home. Because of all the seams in sectional gutters leaks are very common. As joints widen, holes can start to form causing leaks. Seamless gutters are the answer to these problems. Seamless gutters are only seamed on the corners making them extremely less likely to leak.

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