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Spacing Gutter Hangers: Everything You Need to Know

Rain gutter installation is critical to keeping your home safe. Proper seamless gutter installations channel rainwater away from your home and prevent pooling around foundations.. Choosing the best solution is vital because water and freezing damage remain America’s third most costly home insurance claim.

Spacing for gutter hangers is just as important as choosing the type of gutter. Without adequate gutter bracket spacing, improper gutter placement, and high-quality hangers, your gutters will fail when you need it most.

If you’re a homeowner looking to install or replace gutter hangers, here’s everything you need to know about spacing them.

What are Gutter Hangers?

Hangers are a central part of guttering support. Without them, your gutters wouldn’t stay where they’re supposed to be. Additionally, gutter bracket spacing influences how much water your gutters can handle.

Your hangers don’t only attach the gutters to your home. They also provide weight-bearing support. Shorter hanger distances enable your gutters to hold more water.

Poorly spaced guttering hangers can ruin the longevity of your guttering system. While aluminum gutters last 25 years on average, you won’t get the same performance if your installer fails to consider the impact of hangers.

Hangers come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from spikes to straps and brackets to hidden hangers. You can also find hangers in aluminum, galvanized steel, and copper.

How Far Apart Should Gutter Hangers Be?

Hanger spacing depends on the type of gutters in use. K style, half round, & box systems have different requirements.

Get it wrong and your gutters could bend, leak, or even break. Your installer will know how many gutter hangers per gutter there should be and how 6-inch gutter hanger spacing influences the overall system.

This is just one reason why professionals strongly recommend against DIY gutter installation.

The climate can also impact your calculations on how many hangers for gutters and how they should be spaced. A local professional can answer all these questions to ensure you get the high-performance guttering support you need.

Tips for Installing & Spacing Gutter Hangers

Knowing how to install gutter systems is ideal if you want to be an informed homeowner. However, installing gutters presents a range of technical challenges and safety concerns.

The U.S. leads the world in ladder-related injuries and deaths, with 164,000 emergency room visits per year. Make the smarter choice by choosing Gutt-R-Done to install your gutters and hangers.

Choose the Right Gutter

What is the best material for your guttering system?

Vinyl gutters may last for as little as 5 years, whereas copper gutters last for over a century. The general rule of thumb is to select the most durable option within your budget. For its ideal balance between performance and cost, Seamless Aluminum is America’s most popular gutter.

Talk to a professional about the best option for your home, and get value for money from your next gutter solution.

Slope Calculation

The next step is calculating the correct slope for your home. Gutters should always be parallel to the roof while containing a slight incline/decline to allow rainwater to flow from the gutter and into the downspout.

The correct slope calculation requires precise measurements. Your contractor will perform advanced measurements to ensure your installation is perfect.

Gutter Placement

Your gutter installer should be placing the gutter under your drip edge. Whether you have flat or angled fascia on your home.

Spacing Gutter Hangers

Material, climate, and hanger type define the spacing between hangers.

For example, if you’re living in a warm climate with infrequent rains, gutter hangers are typically placed closer to the middle of the gutter, with gaps of 36 inches. In rainy locations like Louisiana, gutter hangers should be spaced 12-18 inches apart.

Again, this is something only a professional can manage. A few inches off can cause a catastrophe during prolonged periods of rainfall.


Spacing gutter hangers correctly needs proper care and support to avoid future problems. At Gutt-R-Done, we provide comprehensive support and care for gutters in Lafayette, LA.

Our seamless gutter systems are designed to handle large amounts of water while minimizing maintenance. We have a wide range of stylish options to match your home’s aesthetic and enhance curb appeal.

Choose the industry-leading gutter company that provides you with peace of mind. To learn more, schedule your free consultation with Gutt-R-Done today.

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