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Why Didn’t My Builder Install Gutters?

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Often, the builder and the homeowner do not discuss the option to install a gutter system on the newly built home, renovations, or additions. Most people forget about gutters until they notice rainwater pouring off the roof during a rain, or when flowerbeds and landscaping have continuous washouts.

While many homeowners assume that gutters are included in the contract, they often aren’t. If you're unsure, it’s worthwhile to review your contract to determine if the gutters are part of the finished product. If not, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to have gutters installed by a contractor of their choice. Preferably, a licensed and insured contractor that can meet your request.

Why aren’t gutters included?

Each contractor is different, and they each offer different services in their contracts. While some may include gutter installation, it isn’t uncommon for contractors to leave gutter installation up to the discretion of the homeowner. The reason behind not including gutters varies by contractor. Although gutters are one of the last items installed on a home, builders are typically ready to move onto the next build rather than wait on gutter installation. If the gutter installation company can’t complete the project for multiple weeks, then it can delay the entire process for the builder and the homeowner.

How to get gutters for your home

The quickest and most reliable way to install gutters on your home is to contact a reputable professional. Before you start researching and contacting gutter contractors, it is imperative to know How to Evaluate Quotes from a Gutter Contractor and Gutter Installation Cost in your area. There are DIY options available, but the quality and effectiveness of the system will probably suffer.

How to choose the correct gutter system

While there are many options available when installing a gutter system, we highly recommend using aluminum seamless gutters. Seamless Gutters are custom cut for each home. They have fewer joints than sectional gutters. With fewer joints, this will reduce the risk of clogs and backups. In fact, the only joint on aluminum seamless gutters should be the corners.

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